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Updated: Apr 21, 2019

December, 11th 2015 marks one of the best days of my life!

On this day I got married to my high school sweetheart and soul mate.


An hour or so before our wedding, there was an intense cloud-burst. I prepared myself for something like this to happen, as December months are one of the hottest and wettest months in South Africa.

I thought the rain was a sign of God's blessing upon our marriage. A sign of a clean slate and a brand new beginning as a family of our own... our own team - God, Franco and I.

The cool fresh air that the rain storm left behind, was kind, calming and inviting. I took a few deep breaths and knew, at that moment, that I was ready... not only for a wedding but rather to spend the rest of my life dedicated to Franco, to always love and support him, and to work though life's darkest challenges together.

Emotions where running wild. I've never seen Franco cry the way he did when I walked down the isle.

Me, on the other hand, couldn't stop smiling.

I always imagined the moment I would walk down the isle as a 'princess moment' - to gently nod my head at the guests as they stare in admiration.

Instead, my eyes where fixed on my husband to be. There he was, in all of his glory, waiting for me. I never for even one second took my eyes off of him. He was my focal point at that very moment, also literally and figuratively ever since.

Click on the video below to watch a few highlights:

Our day turned out to be a major success. But we were ready to rush to our Honeymoon destination. We used this time to truly reflect on everything. It's only when you stand a bit further away from a situation or in this case, a wedding, that you truly see, appreciate and admire: all of the hard work that has gone into it; the true and raw emotions you experience for every little event that builds up to become your wedding day; and your spouse's side of the story whenever you weren't together.

Our wedding was the second of multiple rugby weddings that year. As you should keep in mind when the rugby off season is. That would make a December month, your safest bet if your fiancé does not have any other duties to perform abroad. On the light side of things, the brides just need to figure out who gets married when - lol.

We were blessed enough to have our wedding broadcasted by a South African television show, Top Billing:

My advise to the bride to be:

Take it all in because it goes by too fast- that was the majority's advise to me.

But to be honest, the day is so busy and everything has to be rushed so that everything stays on schedule - it's humanly impossible to 'take it all in'. Take in what you can and JUST ENJOY every little second, make the most of everything! You'll have the time and photo's to reflect on things you might have missed, and that's okey!


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