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God and Covid-19

This might be a far fetched idea but it came to me this morning during my quiet time and it actually made a lot of sense:

•Just like we cannot see a virus with the naked eye, we can’t see the Holy Spirit. That does not mean that it’s not there.

God is showing us that He is as real as anything and anyone.

•We have got to have faith.

Faith is believing in the things we cannot see or things that aren’t concrete objects. He is showing us the impotence of our FAITH in Him because, just like the virus, we can see the huge impact of the unseen in our daily reality.

•The blood of Jesus is the symbol of His sacrifice to mankind so that we can be granted eternal life. It’s His blood that saves us. It’s the blood of the Lamb that saved the firstborns in the time of the plagues in Egypt (Exodus 12:7). The blood plays a very significant part of Christianity.

And how do we see if we have been infected with the virus? According to the NPR news website, Scientists are currently busy developing bloodtests that will show who had been previously infected with the virus and who might have been asymptomatic and now have developed antibodies. The antibodies can be found in our BLOOD 🩸.

•I understand that children are very close to the heart of God as from what I read in the Bible. I believe it’s because of their faith! Luke 18:16 says “Let the little children come to Me. Don’t stop them! For the Kindom of God belongs to such as these.” How is it that children are the ones that are least affected by this virus? Or shows less severerity than all the other age groups? Yet, they can have the virus, be asymptomatic and still spread it. Which means that they will be immune to the virus in the future. May God help us to believe like our children.

•Both sould be taken very seriously - God is making Himself very real to us during this time of uncertainty just like the virus has suddenly become our reality. Why is it always in times of need that we seek the face of God? Matthew 13 explains to us how important it is that the seeds that God is sowing falls into prepared grounds. This is all part of His devine plan. He’s preparing His bride ❤️

•SEEK God just like the experts are seeking all the answers to this new virus.

•Just like the virus that is spreading like a wildfire - so is the word of God and His proclaimation. They are both very busy changing and impacting our lives. They are bringing perspective.

I’m not a preacher or any significant person for that matter. But I believe that in this time God will send some sort of revelation to the ones who open their eyes and ears. We have to share these revelations with the world. The sun shines equally apon all of us. So allow each and everyone that has something on their hearts to share it. In that way we’ll encourage and strengthen oneanother and grow and deepen our relationships with God.

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