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Breastfeeding: Latching

Hey mama!

Good attachment is the ultimate key to breastfeeding, it’s mmm… let me put it this way, it's like the foundation of a house - SO...FREAKING… IMPORTANT! My firstborn and I struggled to get a good latch at first. You are both new to this, it’s going to be trial and error - and that is one-hundred-percent NORMAL, mama! You got this!

I honestly thank my lucky stars for the nurse who was on duty when I embarked on my breastfeeding journey.

She supported me in a way that empowered me as a new mamma.

I want you to experience the same, which is why I asked Registered Midwife and Lactation Educator, Danielle Gouws, to share her knowledge on this topic. She is incredibly passionate about her profession and offers online support to new mammas.

Breastfeeding my second baby - 14 months and going!

D’s 4 Must Read Do’s & Don'ts for a Good Latch:

1.Tummy to Mummy:

Bring your baby to your breast, not your breast to your baby. A lot of mamas have bad posture when they’re breastfeeding.

✗ Don’t hunch over your shoulders

☺ Lean slightly backwards and bring your baby closer.

2. Attachment: 

Baby must have a wide open mouth to get a good latch. The nipple should be at the junction of the hard and soft palates. Baby will do a few short, rapid suck-and-swallows at first. Later she’ll settle into a more rhythmic 8-10 sucks-and-swallow. 

☺ To avoid a shallow latch, tickle your nipple on your baby's nose and top lip to encourage them to open their mouths wide, then swiftly attach so that the nipple is far back in their mouth. 

☺If Baby attaches well, your breast will drain effectively and it could also help to avoid painful and unwanted experiences like blocked ducts and mastitis. 

☺ Good attachment + correct positioning = a good latch

3. C-grip:

Position your baby in a c-grip

What is a c-grip? It’s resting your baby’s head in your hand so that your middle finger and thumb holds Baby from ear to ear.

It’s natural to tilt your head back when you swallow, the same goes for Baby. If you hold her in a c-grip, she can make natural head and swallow movements - and it also helps them to latch. 


☺ If the latch is uncomfortable, delatch en try again! 

✗ Don’t keep going - it’s not worth it to keep trying at something that’s wrong. 

An incorrect latch leads to sore en cracked nipples and takes the joy out of breastfeeding. If you want to ‘delatch’ Baby, put your pinky finger in the corner of the baby’s mouth to break the suction - PROTECT ya nipples, mama ☺

Pregnancy, birth and postpartum can sometimes be tricky to navigate and I love being a source of knowledge and support for women and new families during this time!


Visit her website to get in touch - www.shopnourish.online

Registered Midwife and Lactation Educator, Danielle Gouws

Happy Breastfeeding :)

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