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Baby No.3 - YAY or NAY?

Oh, hey mama!

Let me start off by saying that if you’re wondering whether or not to have another baby - this article is for you! I mean, two kids are pretty mainstream. But THREE? Na-a. Reading this may just be worth your while :)

In our household, baby number 3 discussions were always a definite YES at times, or then again a definite NO. When I'm so ready to do this thing, my husband just isn't (and vice versa). Oh my! This rollercoaster had almost become a way of life - haha.

Until.. that... one… day.

My four year old gave me the name:


We were all sitting at the table, about to have lunch, and she just came up with, “Mama, if I ever have a puppy, I’m going to call him Benjamin.”

"Where did you hear that name, Joi?" I asked curiously, thinking that she's going to say something magical like an angel whispered in her ear, or so :)

"I don't know... It's just a pretty name," she answered.

Now, I don’t know what your children's Bible looks like, but Benjamin isn’t a main character in the children's Bible that I read to my kids. Their Bible focuses on characters like Adam, Eve, Noah, Joseph, Moses and Jesus. Also, we don’t know anyone close enough to us, with the name Benjamin that she would’ve known the name already. Where could she have heard it from? On the television, maybe? I don’t know.

It was all just too strange, but at the same time, amazing! Like MAGIC. Of course I couldn’t wait to look up the meaning: “SON of the SOUTH,” and “a person from which others descend or originate from.”

Amongst multiple other meanings of the name Benjamin, these ones really resonate with me. It became a continuous prayer in which I knew that this was the right time.

Benjamin was the last resort of hope when their parents, Jacob and Rachel, thought that God’s promise had died along with Joseph.

We can never comprehend nor understand God’s ways. But we don’t have to. You’ve just gotta have faith… Faith like mustard seeds <3

Here are 3 (of the million other) things we discussed before our little Benjamite’s heart was beating:

1. It’s a personal decision

If you’re thinking about having another baby, whether or not you’re still caught between uncertainty - deep inside, you probably already know the answer to this BIG question. It might help to read other mamas' stories but in the end it’s your life, your baby and your future. I always dreamed about having a big family ;)

2. Eat, Pray, Love

We are Christians, but even more so - God is my best friend. I trust and entrust Him with anything and everything. If you’re really looking for a clear answer (like I did), ask God. Just remember that He speaks in mysterious ways. Be sure to keep a lookout and an ear on the ground for whenever and whatever He’s trying to communicate with you.

Ps. Baby or not, there is no better time to focus on a healthy lifestyle (mind, body and soul). Start eating healthy. Exercise. Pray. and Love - your people and yourself.

3. Money, money, money

Soooo… there it is!

The elephant in the room…

We’ve always wanted to have two kids. It’s never been a hard topic to discuss - I actually can’t even remember that we ever talked about it at all. It was more a question of “when” than it was of “should we,” ya know?

Also because we were sure (at the time) that we’re financially stable to raise two children. When we knew baby no.3 was on the way, my husband, Franco, said that he’d have to add two more years to his rugby career, if it’s a boy... and four more years, if it’s a girl :) - haha, bless his heart.

We opened another savings account, to be sure. Or as sure as one can be during these unpredictable times.

Good luck, mama! You’ll be greater than ever <3

Juan-Ri xxx

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