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Allow me to introduce myself...

Every human being has a unique background which they use to build their own framework of opinions and ideas. It's only when we truly take time to contemplate [someone's past and present] that we allow ourselves to relate, sympathize, and connect [to them]. This is exactly what I want to achieve by writing this article as there were a few visitors on my website who asked me who I am. I hope the following points shed a little light on the subject as it include: My personality; Beliefs; Where I come from; Language; and Why a blog.

My personality

It's is quite hard to put your whole personality into just a few words but because this is not a CV, I'll just stick to the parts that matters most.

My whole life I've been afraid of what people think of me or what they say behind my back. This, however, has an ugly snowball effect for it makes you feel that you'd rather just steer clear than to put yourself out there to pursue your dreams.

Something that I learned over the years is that there will always be haters; there will always be friends that talk behind your back; there will always be someone that is trying to dim your light and bring you down; misjudge you; misunderstand you; and choose to not support you - don't waste an eternity to prove them wrong... just prove yourself right! Unfortunately these things are as much a part of life as life itself. I am an optimist and I want to believe the best but as I grew older and wiser (if I may add), I became more skeptical of people and their intentions. This is not a bad thing it is, on the contrary, a delightful adjustment to my being as it allows me to be more protective of my sacred heart and mind.

At this point in my life I'm blessed to keep my inner circle filled with strong women who are supportive, inspiring, caring, open minded and who, without a doubt, have my back! There's always space to grow. If I can't admit that I'm wrong, how will I ever be able to better myself? I won't, I'll procrastinate - which is one of my biggest fears. I find it especially exciting to know that there's still so much to learn in this life. Be yourself, that's the only way you'll reach the top. Not everyone understands your path, journey and your destiny, and that is okey! Just remember that time and tide waits for no man, as the saying lingers. Pursue your dreams, don't be afraid for the wrong reasons. First, look after yourself - learn to love and embrace who you are, and then surround yourself with people who will only take you higher.


We love the Lord, Jesus Christ and are eternally grateful for what He has done for us. I wouldn't even want to think of living my life without Him. May He always be glorified for everything that we have and achieve. I also believe that people who brings judgement upon others based on what they think they understand, could easily be one of the most significant reasons why humanity struggles to find an equilibrium with peace on this earth. God is the judge, let Him be. We all have a vice or maybe some sort of infirmity, if not many. No one is perfect. Let us rather tolerate, endure and support one another. Let's rather set our differences aside and build a better, unbreakable tomorrow.

Where I come from:

I grew up in a small town called, Brits. Born and bred, until the end of our high school senior year, when Franco and I went to the University of Pretoria. The most significant part of this time in my life was that I met, my now husband, when I was only 13 years old.

Franco was dedicated to rise and grow as a professional rugby player. I completed a degree in BA Languages: Journalism and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. In the meanwhile I still longed to nurture my creative side. That's when I decided to take on a part time make-up course. Needless to say - I never knew what profession I was meant to excel in. It was like a jack-of-all-traits-master-of-none situation that I had going. This was true, until the very moment I held my baby girl in my arms that it all made sense. Remarkably, I discovered the biggest passion of them all, the one I was searching for my whole life - it was her.


Afrikaans is our mother-tongue, even though English remains the leading language that is used in South Africa. We encourage our child/ren to learn and speak Afrikaans as we'd want them to always hold on to our heritage and culture, to be proud of who they are and to always remember where they come from. I choose to write in English so that my blog can be universal, simple as that.

Why a Blog?

I've always been fond of words. Writing, reading and, it's meaning... It consumes and allows me to escape reality, even if it is only for a little while. I guess that studying English literature and Journalism plays a major role in awakening my passion for writing. But it's really about colliding one passion with another - see, writing about my family and our unique journey through life not only makes me happy but it also gives me a voice. A voice to speak up for mothers and women. My goal is to create a virtual community where we can share and support one another.

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