Hi there, my name is Juan-Ri. I am a proud rugby wife and mother, welcoming our second baby girl within the next few weeks. We are South Africans but we are currently UK based.

My husband, Franco Mostert, is a Springbok and Gloucester rugby player - which means we are blessed to travel, experience different cultures and get to live in other countries. It also means that we experience some challenges that come along with the territory.

Anyhow, you'll get to read all about it :)



If you like structured chaos, then you're in the right place :) 

We are far from a 'perfect family' but we share the deepest love, happiness, and compassion for one another. This is my team. I want to share all our real-life stories with you, from motherhood to being a rugby wife and everything in between - our unique journey.

My passion is my family. I pour my heart and soul into everything I do and write. I have one goal in mind, and that is to create a safe virtual space where you and I can freely share our experiences, thoughts, and insights. As strong women we can; learn from, support and build each other up in ways you can't even imagine.


The naked truth - Pregnancy & Toddler

As mothers we somehow manage to cope with whatever lemons life gives. You pick your head up and you make the most of every moment. When you look back and think about how you got through, give yourself a pat on the back! Not only are you strong because of your children or families - sometimes you are strong simply because you are. Believe it! Live it! And love it! Challenges make us strong, confident and supportive women. This is the naked truth about my experience of raising



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